HTTP/HTTPS issues with SSO

I am unable to access communities some pages as the page stucks in endless loop. There are issues when opening http links while I am logged in bentley site using https. If I open links to communities from email notification which has http it doesn't work but if I replace it by https then page opens. Seems it doesn't correctly forward to https.


Also I see warning that browser has blocked parts of the page which are not delivered trough secure connection.

See the attached video how to reproduce this issue. It is not normal workflow as typically this happens if following links from email notification or from google results. It happens only for some pages.

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  • For last week or two it is again back and even restart doesn't help. Noticed that the tabs with infinite loading eventually run out of memory and are stopped(“Error code: Out of memory.” or the “'Aw, snap! on Chrome" and then it is back to normal.

    P.S. This topic is also not indexed was hard to find by name. "HTTP/HTTPS issues with SSO" gives 0 results.