Bentley Communities members, 

The following is a list of known issues on Bentley Communities after the upgrade that occurred on July 8th, 2017. Item #1 is particularly notable. 

Updated August 24th, 2017 by Jesse Dringoli, Bentley Communities Site Administrator

1. Some users are experiencing various problems with the site layout, such as images not appearing, buttons (such as "reply") not showing, thread replies not showing, or the layout generally not rendering properly. To resolve this, please refresh your browser cache with CTRL+F5 (press the control key and then the F5 key). 

Due to a number of changes that have occurred during and shortly after the upgrade, some files that are normally cached on your computer have changed. Normally a browser caches these type of files on a user's local computer so that they load fast; as files like these rarely change. Since the upgrade changed the location of these files, the browser's old information is outdated; which is why a refresh is required. A web browser should also normally automatically expire any caches it has after some amount of time. See:

2. Replies to lengthy forum threads may sometimes seem to disappear. In these cases, please scroll to the bottom, ensure that all the replies have loaded, or click the "Load next" link seen in the bottom-left corner. We are currently looking into this further.

3. If you already meet the criteria for an achievement (a new feature in this update), you may not yet see it listed in your achievements. This is because the Rule that assigns the achievement is checked and triggered when the related action occurs. For example if you have more than 5 Friends, the "Making Connections" achievement will not be assigned to you until you add another friend. Also, the achievement assignment may not be instantaneous.

4. When scrolling down in certain places, you may notice the header "flashing". This can occur in some cases and will be resolved in a future update.

5. When signing in, you are taken back to the homepage. This is not a new issue but a prevalent one. This issue is scheduled to be resolved in August/September, 2017. In the meantime, please sign in before browsing.

6. Badges such as "Bentley Colleague" and "Moderator" are currently not automatically showing in email signatures. In the meantime, to identify if a member is a Bentley Colleague, you can hover over their name to view their badges.

7. The font and style of text in the text editor may appear slightly different depending on your browser, and may not appear exactly as you see when published.

8. For newly created accounts, your name may appear as a long string of letters and numbers (a globally unique identifier, or GUID). A fix for this is planned. In the meantime, we will be alerted to such cases when some activity has occurred (such as a forum post) and will manually correct it.

9. If you have multiple tabs open, you may notice a "(+)" showing in the title bar for a tab. This is normal and is related to tracking of notifications in multiple tabs. For more of an explanation, see this discussion.

10. Forum replies that contain a Quote do not appear properly in email notifications.

11. The ability to request friendship or a send a private message may not appear as soon as you hover over the member's name. A workaround is to scroll down slightly with your mouse wheel after hovering over the member's name.

12. When attempting to sign in to Bentley Communities, or when signing in to and navigating to Bentley Communities, the following error occurs:

"An Error Ocurred Authenticating Your Request

A user with this email address already exists."

This can happen if there is a problem with the way that your Communities account is linked to your Bentley single-sign-in account, such as an email-address mis-match. To resolve this, please contact Technical Support, or post on the Feedback forum (if you are able to).

Stay Tuned for more updates and please continue to give your feedback. Thank you for your patience and we hope you enjoy the many enhancements in this release!