Not able to comment on Blogs

It appears that the ability to comment on blogs has been stopped. Is there a reason for this?

As an example see which doesn't have the comment section at the bottom!

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  • Hi Stuart,

    But the problem with this is that the writers of blogs don't respond

    because one from basic rules of communities is that everything is voluntary, there is no obligation to answer. But I do not think it's the main problem, because people willing to invest their time to write anything are usually ready to react.

    I go to the trouble of creating a post about a blog which was started 10 days ago with no respond from the writer of the blog.

    Do you mean this post or some other? I guess the problem is how you have informed the blog author that your post is created based on his blog. Nobody is able to monitor all forums and communities.

    In my opinion a solution can be to mention the blog author in the text (using @ sign like  ), so this person should be notified by e-mail that he was mentioned in some text (I guess it works this way).

    With regards,