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When I comment on a forum thread, how do I get notified when other people comment back?  I have responded to several people's questions and then later discovered that they wrote back, but I never knew about it.  How do I subscribe to a thread (sort of like where I create a thread, I get notifications of when some one else replies back.)

--Robert Arnold

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  • Hello Robert,

    If you reply to a forum thread, you should automatically be subscribed to it - to get popup messages while on the site, as well as emails. Click the "more" button below the thread's original post and see if you see "turn reply notifications off". Seeing that indicates that you are subscribed to the thread.

    In your Community Settings, go to the Notifications tab and make sure the box is checked for "Replies to a thread I'm subscribed to".

    We did have an email issue that was recently fixed, causing some of the email alerts to be arrive at their destination. Have you noticed this issue with any threads that you have replied to within the last couple days?

    Is it possible your email client is blocking or putting the emails into the "spam" folder? Do you have any rule set up in your email client that would divert these emails?


    Jesse Dringoli

    Technical Support Manager, Haestad Products
    Bentley Communities Site Administrator
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