Forum missing ideas section

Openroads forum has lost ideas section for example this link no longer work. If it is also migrated to then please update it here.

  • Hi Oto, I have asked my colleagues in the OpenRoads group to address this. You should hear back shortly. Thanks for reporting this.


    Jesse Dringoli
    Technical Support Manager, OpenFlows
    Bentley Communities Site Administrator
    Bentley Systems, Inc.

  • The Ideas forum was removed because it was not meeting several standards that we attempt to maintain for a healthy community, such as frequent posts by users, frequent posts by Bentley colleagues, duplicate functionality to other channels, etc... 

    For anyone who has an Idea for a product enhancement, the best way to get that Idea directly in front of our Product Management and Development teams is to file an Enhancement request with support at

    The best place to discuss possible Ideas with other uses is on a discussion thread on the OpenRoads/OpenSite forum, so that all can see and participate.

    There is a possibility of some similar functionality being rolled out later in 2021 as we consolidate some internal systems.

    (Also note that we did make sure all were logged officially as enhancement requests before turning off the forum)

  • Why so secret? Product support manager is hardly usable(extremely slow) even to follow my own requests not to mention that to this date and hundred of support request which resulted in defects or enhancements  I have received only 2 times update that some issue is fixed all other times have to check myself. Also the communication trough requests is broken as some communication in emails are lost and even receiving defect number in my email it is not shown in SR manager and is still left as open. The best way was to file request and create a Idea so other users can vote and the issues gain more visibility. It is unrealistic to expect that each user will log request and even if so it doesn't give them any feedback as there is none afterwards. If there are any standards then they are very low as users don't get real feedback of development priorities.

  • You have mentioned several areas that we are constantly trying to improve... and have several active projects to address:

    1.) Reporting/queries in Service Request Manager (to manage existing Service Requests)

    2.) "Closing the loop" of communication about the current status of Defects/Enhancements

    3.) Prompt and accurate User Notifications when Defect/Enhancements are included in a release

    4.) Communication of product roadmaps/development priorities.

    As I eluded to above, we hope you'll see improvements to several of these areas in the coming year.

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  • Sounds good, can't wait for this to be implemented.