How to publish to multiple forums

The Mid Continent MicroStation Community is looking to get feedback from multiple places on our agenda this year.

We could post in our forum, but then we have to assume that everyone reads our forum, or will think "Gee, I'll search on MCMC today to see what they are dong."

Because we have tracts that span multiple disciplines, we need to be able to post our query to those in those forums without the Forum Police deleting our posts.

What is the definitive policy on how to accomplish this?

And please don't say "You'll find information at <insert link here>" because while the help on Etiquette is specific about cross posting questions (Post only to the most appropriate area, and Do not post the same inquiry across multiple areas), you're assuming that if I post this in Communities forum that everyone will see it.  We are looking for maximum coverage for ths.

Please advise.

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