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How can I set what language to limit Community posts that are visible to me?  I'd rather not wade through posts written in German, Chinese, etc.

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  • Josh on closer inspection we are not seeing German posts in the OpenRoads | OpenSite Forum. We suspect you might be looking at the activity feed on the community's homepage. This shows any activity including forum as well as Wiki, anywhere in the Community. This community has a separate German Wiki for article in German, and you might be seeing new articles being created and edited by Bentley colleagues in the activity feed.

    If you would like to review new forum discussions in English, please subscribe to the forum. Sign in, navigate to the forum, then on the right side of the forum discussion list you will see an option to "Turn forum notifications on". Clicking this will change it to "Turn forum notifications off" which means you will receive alerts for new posts. You can also simply review the list of discussions in that specific forum.


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