Forum for AutoCAD/MicroStation users?

I would be interested in seeing a hybrid forum where people could discuss MicroStation AND AutoCAD. Certainly it would include discussions and questions about file translation, but I'd like to go a little broader.

We get a lot of people coming from AutoCAD who don't have MicroStation experience, and they often use AutoCAD terms, or AutoCAD workflows to explain what they are looking for. MicroStation users don't always understand what they are asking until someone with AutoCAD experience can figure it out and "translate" for us. If there was a forum that was a little more AutoCAD based, we might be able to attract more of the "bilingual" people so that communication would be simplified.

I'd also like it to be a place where those of us with a lot of MicroStation experience could go to ask questions. "I can do X in MicroStation, how would I do that in AutoCAD?" Yes, Autodesk has their own discussion forums, but very few people over there even know MicroStation exists, and it can be very, very hard to effectively communicate a question. Here, we could ask our questions in MicroStation terms, and have people with experience in both softwares understand what we are asking.

I know that this is a discussion board sponsored by Bentley, but AutoCAD isn't going away. The need to be able to work as seamlessly as possible between the two, to be able to direct questions about incompatibilities, parallels and differences, to be able to ask the questions we need in the "language" either of us speaks the best, would be very useful. To be able to ask questions about AutoCAD in an understanding environment...Some things are really obvious to long-time AutoCAD people that are really foreign to those of us who have used MicroStation for decades, and some of them affect our ability to share information, but such questions are not often welcome over at Autodesk. There are plenty of people here who use both who could explain a lot. And some of the AutoCAD people might be more comfortable asking some questions in a more AutoCAD-centric forum. At least when they talked about attributes and assemblies and wipeouts, we'd know they are "speaking" AutoCAD, and avoid some confusion.

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