Cannot log out of Bentley Communities

Because of the new Bentley IMS authentication, I had to sign out of my personal account in Communities so that I could log into a different Bentley site to check some things on my professional account. Now I am logged in with that professional account, and I would like to log back into my personal account. When I attempt to log out, I get this error page:

Policy Error
Why am I "forbidden" to log out of my account? WTH???
I have two accounts because I have been a member of the Bentley communities for far longer than I have stayed at any particular employer. I have had an online presence with my personal account here for decades in one way or another (or so it seems). I want my history to outlast my employment. I have my professional account through my employer for licensing, support and other Connection-based services.
What is going ON?
And yes, I know there is a Communities forum, but since I am not logged into my "regular" account, I do not have any bookmarks so I can't find that. I found this forum, so I am posting here.
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