New Ideas Portal shows all "ideas" were submitted by "Guest"

I'm am still not impressed by the Ideas portal.

It's nice that the front page lists all of the products that have Idea pages now.

All of the ideas I see were submitted and voted on by "guest". None of the posts have any identification. Dates, but no names.

Is it possible to search Ideas but submitter (once you get that straightened out!)? There are certain people I follow closely, and it would be helpful if I could find their Ideas to vote for them.
I can go to my profile, and get to my ideas from there. Those are apparently submitted by "you", so that's OK.

There is no link available to get from my profile back to the Ideas pages. There is also no way, once you go into a product's Ideas page, to get back out to the "Ideas" home. If I were reviewing "MicroStation" ideas, but also wanted to check "OpenRoads Designer", there's no way to get from one to the other without either exiting "Ideas" altogether to re-enter, or hoping that your browser "Back" button remembers that far.

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