MicroStation Programming community information

Currently, there are a number of places where Bentley Developer Network subscribers and third-party developers who use MDL, native code, or VBA to create customizations with MicroStation-based products can go to get answers to development questions. These include:

The number of choices has led to some confusion as to where to post inquiries, and since communities exist for context-specific topics (e.g. MicroStation Visualization, ProjectWise Programming, Geospatial Programming, etc.), it makes sense to have a “MicroStation Programming” community and rationalize the various options into one. There is existing content that has some value, so to retain that while starting anew, this is what is being proposed:

  • Create a “MicroStation Programming” community that has a forum, blog, wiki, and file area
  • “Move” all existing MicroStation … Programming and MicroStation … VBA community applications (e.g. forums, wikis, etc.) into the respective “MicroStation Programming” community application. The result would be things like the current MicroStation V8i Programming Forum and MicroStation V8i VBA Forum (among the other ones identified above) being “sub-forums” under the “MicroStation Programming Forum”. This would be similar for the MicroStation-programming blogs, wikis, and file areas.
  • Post an announcement note in each “old” sub-forums identifying that it is read-only and direct members to where they can go to post questions.
  • Make the “old” forums read-only.
  • Post a “best practice” announcement (i.e. always appearing at the top of the thread stack) in the “MicroStation Programming Forum” asking members to include some form of brief identification in the thread subject that lets others know the MicroStation release and programming language being used without having to open the thread (e.g. [V8i C++]..., [V8i VBA]..., [XM C]..., etc.)

It is anticipated that all this can be done in a relatively short amount of time -- maybe an hour or two, at most. We are looking at doing this over the June 16/17 weekend. We just wanted to provide some advance notice of this upcoming activity.