Posting videos and formats.

I'm starting this thread to discuss postings of videos on this site and or links to videos.

I've run into a number of issues with videos over the years.  Mainly they center around format.    Even videos from Bentley personal are all over the board when it comes to format.  As video and on demand streaming continue to increase their roll I believe to would be beneficial to standardize on a format.

Perhaps this is just posting some sort of guidelines.  Possibly BSI could process uploaded file to come format.

Additionally playback currently seems restricted to how large the video can be played back which limits there effectiveness.

I believe H.264 (mp4) is the current standard of choice.  It will play on the latest browsers and is supported on all the major desktop and mobile platforms.  Additionally most platforms are able to decode this format via hardware which is a big advantage for mobile devices.

I'd like to hear other peoples thoughts on this.