Various issues with Be Communities

A number of members have recently experienced several different issues when attempting to use Be Communities (e.g. unable to post a reply, search not working, Activity Story Stream not loading, unable to get to bookmarks, different user experience, etc.) This has been tracked back to a push of various things to the production server on Tuesday, February 4. It is a bit complicated to explain, but suffice to say it has been traced to a difference in the behavior when using http://... and https://... on the site. The latter should work while the former currently does not. Obviously, this was not intentional nor was it seen during our QA review previous to the push, as the QA server only has http://..., so something apparently happened during the production push with our "split" http:// and https:// references on the production site. Add to that the fact the weather situation in and around our Exton campus on Wednesday, February 5, and this was not reported until 36 hours after the production push. Please be assured that it has been reported, though, and is being looked into with high priority. In the meantime, should you experience "odd behavior" when using Be Communities, please check the URL you are using... if it starts with http://..., try changing that to https://... When it is sorted out, an update will be posted here. Our apologies for any temporary inconvenience this may cause.

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