Bentley LEARN Server Enhancement Release Details, June 20, 4pm to 6pm EST

The Bentley LEARN Server will not be accessible on June 20th from 4pm to 6pm EST for the production release of several enhancements.

  1. All Bentley LEARN Server On-Demand videos have been moved to the “cloud” to improve performance / scalability globally.
  2. A new video media player has been integrated into the Bentley LEARN Server which supports additional operating system and browser configurations. See the Help menu from the Bentley LEARN Server for a list of newly supported video environments.
  3. The STUDENTserver now links to new Bentley LEARN Server Learning Paths specifically designed for STUDENTserver users
  4. The transition period for saved URL’s that accessed On-Demand eLearning in the previous edition of the Bentley LEARN Server is now complete. Access to all training is now exclusively through the new Bentley LEARN Sever at
  5. The “Manage Learning Paths” function has been enhanced to allow Training Administrators to assign all learners at a “site” to a Learning Path. The learning path will appear in “My Learning Paths” of every user belonging to the selected site as {Company Assigned}. Learners enroll in the learning paths when they click to access the learning path.