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MicroStation CONNECT Edition Basics for Civil Designers Learning Path

  • Hi Sivar

    Yes the "MicroStation CONNECT Edition Basics for Civil Designers" does reference the "Before you begin" class.....  however that class is really just designed to learn the way we configure training datasets for MicroStation in the CONNECT Edition.  If you take a look at the description on the course it contains a note, it states that the lesson does not contain a dataset, it simply illustrates how to install further datasets.  So you would follow the steps in the "Before you begin..." with whatever course you want to take, in your case" MicroStation CONNECT Edition Basics for Civil Designers".  

    Here is the short version for you....

    1. Unzip the dataset (MS for Civil Designers) to the C:\ drive.  

    2. Follow the steps to create the workspace (exactly as shown pages 1-5) closing MicroStation  when complete.

    3. Restart MicroStation CONNECT and the dataset for MicroStation CONNECT Edition Basics for Civil Designers will be shown as a workset of the workspace BentleyCONNECTTraining.

    Hope that helps !

  • Hi,

    We're about to take on this course, but before we can do it we are prompted to go through the training course "Before you begin: Configuration a Dataset for a MicroStation CONNECT Edition Course" and install the WorkSet "MsBasicsCivil"

    But the downloaded zip-file for that only contains a pdf-file with instructions.

    Not the DataSet

    So we cant install the way the instruction tell us to do it.

    Where can we find this Dataset? (MsBasicsCivil)

    Best regards

    Sivar Erihn