2016 LEARNing Conferences Featured Sessions: Structural/STAAD sessions

This week we’re excited to highlight some of our popular STAAD sessions that will take place in Kansas City. These are only a few of the featured lectures and workshops, so make sure to check out the agenda to see the rest!


Hands-on Workshop: Specifying Diaphragms in RAM Structural System and Generating Lateral Loads

Learn how to specify diaphragms and generate lateral loads in the RAM Structural System - RAM Frame Analysis Module.


Hands-on Workshop: Designing Isolated, Combined, and Pile Cap Foundations in STAAD Foundation Advanced

Learn all about Acute 3D, 3MX files and more importantly, how to include them in MicroStation based workflows. Master attaching 3MX as reference files. Learn to integrate Acute 3D files with Google Earth and print to a 3D PDF, dropping the mesh into a DGN Model and much more.


Lecture: Day-in-Review: Structural

Miss a few topics you wanted to see today? We've got you covered. The last hour of the day is time for the Day in Review sessions, each providing a look back at key points from today's topics. The Day in Review sessions include segments such as question & answer panels, roundtable discussions, tips and tricks, and audience participation games. You can choose to stay in one Day in Review session, or circulate between a few to catch up on what you need to learn.


Lecture: Wind Loads for A-Typical Structures in STAAD.Pro

Learn how to generate wind loading in STAAD.Pro for a-typical structures according to the ASCE 7.


Hands-on Workshop: Designing Concrete Members and Slabs in STAAD.Pro

Learn how to design concrete members and slabs in the STAAD.Pro Reinforced Concrete Design Module.


Visit the Kansas City LEARNing Conference webpage to register, view the agenda, presenters, and more!


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