2016 LEARNing Conferences Featured Sessions: Plant/Building Sessions

We’re getting excited for the Kansas City LEARNing Conference in three weeks! Here are some of our featured hands-on building and plant sessions that our experts are eager to kick off. Visit the Kansas City Event page to view the full agenda!


Hands-on Workshop: Using Generative Components Building Nodes to Enhance AECOsim Building Designer Functionality

This is an introduction to several ways you can use the Generative Components Building Nodes to enhance AECOsim Building Designer functionality. It will include using the building and floor nodes to drive the Floor Manager, using the Dynamic View node to set up floor plan cuts that adjust with changes to the floor manager, and using the Compound Cell node to set up a compound cell factory for quickly creating multiple variations on a single compound cell.


Hands-on Workshop: Energy Simulation / Mechanical System Design

Learn to import an AECOsim Building Designer space model into AECOsim Energy Simulation, running some various scenarios to narrow down a mechanical system and then move back to AECOsim Building Designer to design the mechanical system.


Hands-on Workshop: Project Coordination Lab

You will be divided into groups of consultants working on a mid-size project set up in a networked workspace. Each group will be responsible for making a set of changes to the project model while coordinating the changes with the other groups. Ultimately the changes will update the master model and the corresponding drawings and schedules. You will have an opportunity to learn strategies for a successful BIM model that incorporates both standard BIM modeling and Generative Components modeling and allows users to quickly incorporate changes to the design. Software used will include AECOsim Building Designer, AECOsim Energy Simulator, GenerativeComponents, and SiteOps. Groups will include Architecture, Mechanical, Structural, Electrical, Energy Simulation and Site Design.


Hands-on Workshop: Advancing Plant Design – Sessions 1-8

Over the two days of the conference we will execute a small retrofit project using various Bentley products. You will learn through hands-on and workflow discussions how the Bentley tools and services cover the various disciplines typically involved in brown field projects in a networked environment using ProjectWise and OpenPlant ModelServer to emulate a typical engineering office.


Visit the Kansas City LEARNing Conference webpage to register, view the agenda, presenters, and more!


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