Kansas City LEARNing Conference Learning Paths

Thank you to all who attended last week's Bentley LEARNing Conference! We hope you returned to the office filled with energy and excitement, ready to share with your colleagues what you learned in Kansas City!

You should have received a "thank you" email today from Bentley instructor Samir Haque containing the available conference learning paths. Plant learning paths aren't quite ready yet, but you will receive an additional update as soon as they are available.

Just in case you need them, you can find the available learning paths here:

Building Design
QuickStart for Conceptual Design Modeling Using AECOsim Energy Simulator

MicroStation CONNECT Edition
2D Constraints in MicroStation CONNECT Edition
QuickStart for MicroStation CONNECT Edition for Existing Users
Customizing the Ribbon in the MicroStation CONNECT Edition
and more

Structural Analysis and Design
Designing Concrete Members
Generating Lateral Loads
Designing Isolated, Continuous, and Pile Cap Foundations
and more

Interested in attending another conference this year? Visit www.bentley.com/learn16 for more information.