San Antonio Learn Conference Learning Paths are Now Available!

Thank you to all who attended the San Antonio Bentley Institute Learn Conference! We hope you returned to the office filled with energy and excitement, ready to share with your colleagues what you learned during the week!

Have suggestions? Take a few minutes to complete the conference survey and tell us how things went.

Did you see our photographer snap your photo during the week? You can find all the conference photos here.

You should have received a "thank you" email containing the available conference learning paths. If you don't see a particular course or session, check back soon - as courses are added regularly.

Just in case you need them, you can find the available learning paths here:

Bridge Analysis
Roadway Elements CONNECT Edition
Define Superstructure CONNECT Edition
Define Substructure CONNECT Edition
Using OpenBridge
and more

Civil Design
Introduction to Creating Civil Cells
Mastering the Corridor
Intersection Modeling: Creating the Model
and more

MicroStation Modeling
Customizing the Ribbon in MicroStation CONNECT Edition
Reality Modeling - Integrating Acute 3D Models into Your WorkFlow
What's New in the MicroStation CONNECT Edition
and more

Civil Design - Utilities and Drainage
Lay Out and Compute a Simple Site
Lay Out and Compute a Simple Culvert
and more