A guide for structural applications of Bentley’s premier BIM solution

Looking for a guide for structural applications of Bentley Systems’ premier BIM solution? Practical Structural Modelling with AECOsim Building Designer, authored by Daniel Heselwood and Nigel Davies, will guide you through the structural applications of AECOsim Building Designer in a design and construction environment.


  • Step-by-step tutorials aimed at familiarizing all levels of users with AECOsim building Designer’s tools and functionality, following a typical project work flow.
  • To maintain learning continuity, The John O’Gaunt Project (John O’Gaunt Community College in Hungerford, UK) is the center piece of both Practical Architectural Modelling with AECOsim Building Designer and this book.
  • Students and Educators can save over 40% when purchasing this book.