Announcing new courses within the Modeling for Piping Designers Learning Path

Today we announce the availability of two new courses for users of AutoPLANT Modeler. The courses were created for Piping Designers using AutoPLANT Modeler. The courses teach the user how to route pipeline and raceway, how to add pipeline components and how to use Piping Tools. In 3 hours, a user can quickly expand their knowledge of AutoPLANT Modeler.

The new courses are:

  • Routing Pipelines and Raceway
  • Adding Pipeline Components and Piping Tools

You can complete your learning in one of three ways that match your learning preference. You can register for a live class in the virtual classroom. You can complete the on-demand learning. Or you can try out our new blended learning option that combines the video lectures of on-demand with hands-on practice with an instructor in the virtual classroom.

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