Bentley LEARN Server - Enhancement Release Details, November 1, 2012

Adding a User Hosted Courses (UHC) to a Personalized Learning Path

This enhancement enables users and Training Administrators to create a new course definition that is defined by a url link to a course or content that exists outside of the Bentley LEARN Server system. Once created, these UHCs may be added and sequenced in a personalized LP in exactly the same manner as Bentley Institute courses can be sequenced within a personalized learning path.

Potential Uses for a UHC

1) Customized follow-up content: e.g., a CAD manager wants to have their engineering team complete a group of courses on a common subject. They build a custom learning path for that. But they also need their engineers to all follow the same workflow in storing those files in a customized ProjectWise server implementation using company specific project codes. They can add a UHC at the end of their custom learning path to have the engineers watch a video (served from their internal network, YouTube, or anywhere else) that explains those details. The UHC feature gives the Training Admin a way to include this content in their learning path.

2) Customized Assessments: A company wants to have their employees complete a customized company assessment after completing the courses in a Learning Path, or after sections of a Learning Path, they can create an internal assessment and host it where it is convenient for them. A custom learning path with a UHC that points to the assessment lets their training administrator present these as a seamless part of the personalized learning path that they assign to their users.

3) Completely customized content: A company has customized “add-on” tools for MicroStation (or another Bentley software product). They need to include some training for these tools in the middle of their personalized MicroStation (or another) learning path. They hire a consultant who creates a SCORM conformant course, and it is hosted in their “cloud-based” learning management system. They can use a UHC to include that course in their personalized learning path.

How to Create a UHC

  • Training Administrators for user accounts can create and manage UHCs through the Admin dashboard, which is accessible along the top Bentley LEARN Server menu bar.
  • Users and Training Administrators alike may also access the UHC creation and management tool directly within the personalize learning path interface.

This procedure is defined below:

  1. From the Personalize Learning Path screen, you will notice the new option button directly below the ADD NEW COURSE button.
  2. Clickiing this button provides access to the UHC management screen.
  3. Click CREATE NEW to create a new UHC using the screen shown below.
  4. Simply enter the Name of your course, select the product it is related to (on select Non-Bentley Product Training if other), enter a qualified URL (you can test it before saving the UHC), enter a Duration and Description for your course, and then click SAVE.
  5. Once saved, you can immediately add the UHC to the current Personalized Learning Path, return to the UHC to continue to edit, or create another new UHC.
  6. If added, the UHC will appear at the bottom of the courses in your Personalized Learning Path. To reposition it within the path, simply drag it to the desired location and then save the Learning Path.

You have just created and added a UHC to your Personalized Learning Path!