Charlotte Bentley LEARNing Conference Comes to a Successful Conclusion

The main courses at the Charlotte Bentley LEARNing Conference were Plant and Building but included beefy side dishes of MicroStation and ProjectWise with a dash of Structural; a perfect recipe for learning.

Gordon Beckman of John Portman & Associates kicked off the conference with a review and commentary about the innovative projects they have tackled over the last few years. Exciting stuff.  Of course, following that, Dan Ahern’s retrospective on Bentley’s products was appropriate as you can get given the conference came on the heels of Bentley’s 30th Anniversary celebrated just the week before (check out the #Bentley30 hashtag on Twitter & Facebook!)

As with all of the Bentley LEARNing Conferences, the emphasis on learning was plainly “visible” (pun intended Jerry!) Whether it was Mary Chib showing how to “Create GOOD LOOKING Drawings” from models using dynamic views or Bill DiGregorio reinforcing the importance of well managed content in ProjectWise, attendees no doubt got what they came for:  knowledge.

A less obvious aspect of the event was the quality time spent socializing with like-minded peers. I, for one, enjoyed connecting with folks and sharing old stories and new ideas.  All in all, this was yet another successful Bentley LEARNing Conference. 

  • 27 hands-on workshops
  • 51 lectures
  • 13 hours of potential learning for every attendee!