Featured LEARNing: October 2014 Summary

The following courses were featured in the Product Communities (News) in October 2014.  Click on the title link(s) below to read more about the individual course benefits and what you will learn. All courses are accessed on the Bentley LEARNserver.

The courses selected represent learning that spans the "five moments of need” to help you learn what you need...where you are... when you need it.


In the MicroStation Community:

Featured LEARN Course: Civil AccuDraw, MicroStation AccuDraw or Both?

Featured LEARN Course: Easy Ways to Customize MicroStation

Featured LEARN Course: Locate Geometry in the Correct Place on Earth

Featured LEARN Course: Printing the Plan Set Using Print Organizer

Featured LEARN Course: Producing Project Deliverables - Creating the Plan Set

Featured LEARN Course: Productivity Enhancements

Featured LEARN Course: Using Terrain in MicroStation

In the MicroStation Visualization Community:

Featured LEARN Course: Civil Visualization in MicroStation V8i (SELECTseries 3) – English

In the 3D Imaging and Point Cloud Community:

Featured LEARN Courses: Pointools

Featured LEARN Course: Working with Raster Data and Image Processing


In the Building Analysis & Design Community:

Featured LEARN Courses: New Learning Series for Architects using AECOsim Building Designer


In the Plant Design & Engineering Community:

Featured LEARN Courses: Creating Isometrics from Outside AutoPLANT Modeler and Creating Isometrics from Inside AutoPLANT Modeler

Featured LEARN Courses: Isometric Configuration and Customizations for AutoPLANT

Featured LEARN Courses: Modeling for Piping Designers Learning Path


In the Road & Site Design Community:

Featured LEARN Course: Leveraging GIS Data in a MicroStation and OpenRoads Environment

Featured LEARN Course: Traffic Animation V8i (SELECTseries 3) – English


In the Structural Analysis & Design Community:

Featured LEARN Course: Generating Design Strips      

Featured LEARN Courses: Interoperability with AECOsim Building Designer for STAAD.Pro or RAM

Featured LEARN Course: Modeling Beams, Columns, and Braces

Featured LEARN Course: Modeling Steel Buildings

Featured LEARN Course: Perform a Modal Response Spectrum Analysis