Get Your LEARN On! 2014 Bentley LEARNing Conference Recap.

 If you haven’t already heard, the place to be in 2014 is The Bentley LEARNing Conferences and the thing to do in 2014 is LEARN!  And getting your LEARN on has never been easier, thanks to the discipline-focused conferences. 

Five Bentley LEARNing Conferences, featuring hands-on workshops and informative lecture sessions, have already taken place.  Starting in Michigan to across the pond in the UK, back to Arizona, Maryland, and Pennsylvania in between, where attendees took a field trip to the Exton Headquarters with surprise guest, Keith Bentley! 

Conference sessions were not only info-packed, but attendee packed!  Users were completely engrossed and engaged in the sessions, soaking up every last piece of targeted advice, to help optimize their skills and workflows.


During the sessions hallways were quiet, but there was no shortage of hubbub during breaks.  Attendees found it easy to network thanks to social stickers that identified like-minded individuals.  In addition to the break chatter, attendees participated in topical discussions with their new connections and Bentley colleagues during a social dinner


Far more learners have benefited from learning and networking this year than 2013 already (with more conferences to go!).  It’s not too late to get in on the 2014 trend, with plenty of learning opportunities still available and better yet, no registration fee for Bentley LEARN and Enterprise License Subscribers! Register today for a 2014 Bentley LEARNing Conference and take home (and share) your improved skill set.