LEARN Administrators functionalities

To find functions available for LEARN Training Administrators you can visit the Admin section from the menu on LEARN Home page after login into your training administrator account.

You can view all the self-assigned learning paths and organizational learning paths created by you from Manage Learning Path section. 

You can edit organizational learning paths unique to the needs of your organization and assign them to learners following the steps provided here under the Assign Learning Path section after clicking on Manage Learners for desired Organizational Learning Path.

You can manage User Hosted Courses created by you from User Hosted Course Management

You can create, edit and delete your User Hosted Courses from this page. To know more about how to create an User Hosted course you can follow the guidelines provided here under the Add your own Learning Resources section after clicking on CREATE NEW.

You can also view and add learners from your organization to our system from Learner Management section.

As a designated LEARN Training Administrator, in addition to the functions shown on this page, you can also register multiple users for a single class. To find scheduled live training on LEARN you can follow the guidelines provided here under Live Training scheduled on LEARN.

After browsing to the desired offering, click on Register Multiple Users to add multiple users to the class. The training can be FREE or PAID based on the price defined for the class.

You will be navigated to the Register Learners (External) page. You can register single or multiple users to the offering from your organization after adding them to pending poster.

You can follow these steps to register learners to live classes:

  1. Search: Search by Learners email ID
  2. Add to pending poster: Click on the + plus icon to add learners to pending roster. You can add multiple learners to pending roster.
  3. Register: Click on Review and Checkout to register users to the class. If coupon is applicable, you will be redirected to apply coupon page where you can apply the coupon and register users.

You will receive a registration confirmation email on successful registration of users to the class.