LEARN Administrators: Personalize & Assign Organizational Learning Path

Personalize your Organizational Learning Path

As an Administrator of LEARN for your organization, you can personalize Learning Paths based on your organization’s learning requirements.  To personalize a Learning Path, click on Personalize button against the desired learning path.

You can modify your Learning Path Name and Description as per your requirement. If you want to create a personalized Learning Path for your organisation select Set as Organization Learning Path.

Add New Courses

You can add additional courses by clicking on ADD NEW COURSE button. This will let you select other courses on LEARN and add them to your personalized Learning Path.

To find more courses for your Organizational Learning Path - Select a Product Line (Brand) and Product, you can also enter a course title in the Search Box to view available courses. To select relevant courses - check the boxes next to the course names and press the ADD button.

Add your own Learning Resources

You can add links to your learning resources from other sources (any valid URL that your organization has access to, this can be videos hosted on your internal network or articles published internally as well) to your Learning Path by clicking ADD/MANAGE USER HOSTED COURSE button at the bottom of the course list for the Learning Path.

Click on CREATE NEW to get started

After you add the Course details, you can SAVE the new learning material. Whenever you add a learning resource, always ensure that your entire organization has access to the link added by you.

Remove Courses

You can also remove learning materials or courses from your personalized Learning Path by expanding the course and clicking on the Cross button against the learning material or course that you’d like to remove.

Finally, you can SAVE your Learning Path after you have successfully personalized the Learning Path.

Assign Learning Path

After you have successfully created your Organizational Learning Path you can assign the Learning Path to multiple learners in your organization by clicking on MANAGE LEARNERS.

Assign Learning Path to Multiple Learners

You navigate to Add Multiple Learners tab and upload the learner details following the instructions to assign the Organization Learning Path to multiple learners in the organization.

If you have multiple (more than 2-3 learners) to assign the Learning Path to, we recommend you use this option to assign them to the Learning Path.

Assign Learning Path to Individual Learners

To assign an organization Learning Path to an individual learner Search by the First Name/Last Name/email ID of the learner from the Add Learners tab and assign the Learning Path to them. You can also assign the learner by selecting from View All Users.

We recommend you use this option when you intend to assign the Learning Path to a few users only.  

Assign Learning Path to All Learners

To assign an organization Learning Path to all learners/users in your account you can click on Enroll All Learners button on the Assign to All Learners tab.

We recommend you use this option only if you intend to assign the Learning Path to all users/learners in your organization.

On Learning Path assignment all learners that have been assigned the Learning Path will receive an email notification containing the link to the Learning Path. As an administrator you will also receive an email confirming the list of email IDs of users to whom the Learning Path has been successful assigned.

Access & Modify all Personalized Learning Paths

You can view all Learning Paths customized by you by navigating to My Learning Path from the home page of LEARN.

To review the Learning Paths that you have personalized for your organization navigate to the Organizational Learning Path tab.


You can further Edit or Manage Learners (Add or remove learners) as and when required by clicking on the respective options against the Learning Path.

For any questions, please reach to us by raising a ticket here or reach out to us via the User Learning Community.