LEARNserver Updates: A Change to Bentley Institute Transcripts

I wrote back in November 2014 about several key enhancements to the LEARNserver, and how we were addressing the ever-growing need for collaborative knowledge-sharing in our virtual learning environment. Now, I’m back again to let you know that our developers are hard at work on yet another round of upgrades… more details coming soon!

As a result of ongoing system improvements, you’ll start noticing minor technology changes over the next coming months---the first being the removal of time-tracking data for hands-on courses. Rest assured, this update is temporary; it will not impact your learning history, and you will still be granted Learning Units for the courses you complete.

Here is how hands-on courses are now displayed: 

The Status column has been revamped to indicate two options: ‘Not Started’ or ‘Completed.’ (Some users may see the ‘In-Progress’ status until the next time they view a particular course.)

To review your transcript, visit: learn.bentley.com/transcript.  

We thank you in advance for your feedback as we work to provide a better online learning experience.

Stay tuned for more.