Lesson Learned: Agile Learning Development

I recently read an article on “agile project management,” defined as “an approach for managing a creative project process where team members both accept and expect change along the way”. The author then introduced the parallel concept of agile learning development.

Noting that the concept of agile project management was originally conceived by the software industry, it should come as no surprise that Bentley embraces this concept of agile learning in designing and delivering LEARN courses.

The hallmarks of agile [interpreted for Bentley LEARNing] include:

Define scope with user stories – developing courses based on common user issues and requirements

Break it down – individual on-demand course segments are 15 minutes or less

Produce frequent iterations to collect feedback – updates based on your comments, especially forum discussions in Product Communities

Accept and expect changes in requirements – a LEARNing resource when you need it for where you are

Communication – integration among subject matter experts, software developers, training administrators and users

Visualization – “hands-on” learning that guides you through step-by-step

Bentley understands the fluid nature of your work and Bentley responds. Whether it’s a change in the scope of the project design, the introduction of new requirements, or a change in the structure of the team, Bentley is ready with short, focused, directed learning to help you meet that immediate moment of need and move forward to complete your project on time and within budget. It’s agile learning!

Remember to check the Bentley Product Communities > News. Look for “Featured LEARN Course” to see what's highlighted this week.


Reference: What Does It Mean to Be Agile? by Megan Torrance. Learning Solutions Magazine, April 21, 2014