Meet our Bentley Institute Student Ambassador: Asif Shaikh from Sanjivani College of Engineering India

Bentley Institute Student Ambassadors are campus leaders who encourage students to learn and get acquainted with Bentley software, and thereby how technology can benefit infrastructure projects and lead to better outcomes. They are key organizers of activities related to infrastructure that encourage the use of technology in a fun and creative way amongst fellow students on each Student Ambassador's campus.

This month, we are glad to introduce you to Asif Mohammad Shaikh, our Student Ambassador from Sanjivani College of Engineering, Kopargoan India. Asif is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. It was in his third year, in May 2017, that he voluntarily took on the role of being the Student Ambassador for his campus.

As a highly self-driven student, Asif has always gone the extra mile to help his peers explore their field of interest in civil engineering. After his appointment, Asif has taken the initiative to plan, organize, as well as present in six workshops and training sessions on STAAD.Pro, MXROAD, and ContextCapture.

As an ideal Student Ambassador would do, Asif regularly takes feedback from students on the nature of workshops and training sessions required by them to amp up their technology skills. Considering students’ interest in STAAD.Pro, three workshops were arranged for civil engineering students of Sanjivani College. Owing to all these sessions, students of civil engineering from his campus are now well acquainted with STAAD.Pro and analysis for trusses, plane frames, and continuous beams. Apart from STAAD.Pro, sessions on ContextCapture and MXROAD were also organized so that students could learn about reality modeling and transportation design, in addition to structural design and analysis.

To promote these sessions, Asif regularly touched base with peers through emails, one-on-one conversations with various classes, and via promotion on internal WhatsApp groups. As a result, almost every Bentley Institute session in Sanjivani College was attended by a minimum of 30-35 students each time.

As a learner and a Student Ambassador, he says this opportunity has helped him to enrich and expand his knowledge to fully explore future opportunities in the civil engineering industries. He also mentions that he can confidently guide his peers on several aspects of digital advancements in the civil industry. In future, Asif plans to complete his Masters in Civil Engineering and further aim towards a career that involves  Information Modelling (BIM).

At Bentley Institute, we are glad that we have a such a self-driven Student Ambassador like Asif, who is highly engrossed in persuading his peers to go beyond their curriculum studies in order to enrich their career propsects. We wish Asif all the best in all his future endeavors!