Meet the Instructor: Mike Belke

When it comes to training our users, Bentley relies on a dedicated team of expert instructors, whose knowledge and experience play a vital role in users’ success. Today we would like you to meet an instructor with an exceptional learner satisfaction rate.

Mike Belke has been with Bentley since 2007, but has been educating others his entire professional life. Based in Perth, Australia, Mike was an early advocate of the virtual classroom to reach a wider audience of learners. He is an expert when it comes to delivering training and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others.

Mike has achieved an outstanding learner satisfaction rate – every student that has completed a course evaluation would attend his class again. His satisfied students say:

“I found that my Instructor delivered the course very well and gave clear explanations about the various questions I had. He was willing to help when I had problems carrying out exercises.”

“Even though I was late starting, I soon picked up the class and was able to follow it through, due to the excellent instructions and pace the class was run at.”

Mike is an asset to his students. He mentors, motivates and empowers them to learn.