More Local Classroom Training Schedules on the Bentley LEARN Server

Bentley Institute recently expanded its live training offerings to include local classroom courses provided by its training partners. Schedules for these sessions are now listed on the Bentley LEARN Server.

All training courses are organized in learning paths. Learning paths filter courses by product and version, language, then live training or on-demand self-study.

The training partners’ local classroom sessions are included in each course’s live training schedule. To find an upcoming class, log into the Bentley LEARN Server and click the “Find Training” button to search for the product you want to learn.

Choose a product or product line to view the available learning paths. You can filter by version and language using the available drop down menus at the top of the page. Once you have selected a learning path*, click on the “Find Training” drop down menu of the course you wish to take to see the live training and on-demand self-study options. In the live training section, click “View Schedule” to see the available offerings. Local classroom sessions will be listed below the virtual classroom sessions.

When choosing a local classroom course, be sure to note the language, location, and time zone of the offering. Courses may be offered in several countries and may be in a language other than the native tongue of the particular country listed.

If a course is offered by a Bentley training partner, the “Register” column will show as “Channel Partner.” The “Channel Partner” link will provide contact information so that you may register for that class.

Please note: live training courses in local classrooms are not included as part of Bentley LEARN training subscriptions and will incur an additional charge when you register for one.

*You do not have to sign up for a learning path to register for live training.