Community Ribbons: A Label You'll Want to Wear

People may avoid labeling, but when it comes to the Bentley LEARNing Conference Community Ribbons, these are labels you want!

Community RibbonsCommunity Ribbons will be available at registration for all attendees at each of the Bentley LEARNing Conferences.  Place the ribbons, of choice, on the bottom of your name badge to self-identify your area(s) of practice. 

Why the labeling you ask?  Well, we know how much our attendees love to network, in fact it's one of the main reasons they attend our conferences, so we created community ribbons to help you find like-minded individuals.  Wear the ribbons that best match who you are and/or what you'd like to discuss and get social!  You'll form great connections that can be leveraged beyond the conference both online and offline.