The New and Improved LEARNserver Experience – Are You Ready to Share?

Online learning communities are expanding – quickly. More than ever learners need access to environments that allow them to work collaboratively, irrespective of location, time, or device, and in a way that complements their distinct learning style.

But that’s the thing about learning today: sharing, when considered in context with collaborative virtual learning, is easy to propose, but difficult to accomplish. Why? Because we now all have our own personalized way of learning. Some learners prefer live training whereby they’re able to work together with instructors. Others prefer watching recorded lectures offline and then signing back in to complete exercises at their convenience. Yet many prefer a more blended approach.

And it’s not just the way we learn that’s unique; it’s the tools we use, too. If we are to truly succeed with collaborative learning efforts, the tools and technologies we employ need to be easy to use, familiar to all, and, yes, sharable. 

It is for this reason that today we are extremely excited to announce the following updates to the LEARNserver – changes that we believe will augment sharing capabilities for all:

Revamped look and experience for on-demand video lectures
This enhanced view allows you to share a single course video with colleagues and peers…directly within the same LEARNserver environment you already know. 

Click to view larger image

Key updates include:

  • Sharing – Learners can decide how and with whom they can share their on-demand videos. Email lecture URLs to your workgroup. Post or tweet a link to your favorite video. Ask a question about your training in a respective Product Community. The ways in which you can facilitate knowledge sharing are virtually endless.

  • Course Details – We’ve built in course details to individual video pages so that learners will know immediately what skills are taught, the prerequisites needed for comprehension, and the language in which the video is presented, as well as the associated product and its version. 

  • New! Related Videos – Now it’s even easier to find and discover what’s next in your training plan. Whether you’re in search of a video related to a product release date or generation, this new feature will locate the content you need.

Instantly submit courses to the Bentley LEARN iPad app
Queue up video lectures from the LEARNserver and store the details to My Offline Courses for playback on the Bentley LEARN app.

Step 1: From your learning path view, click the plus icon next to your video of choice:

Step 2: In the app, navigate to My Offline courses. On the resulting page you’ll see your queued video, which includes its duration and size.

Step 3: Simply tap to download and take your training offline.

Happy LEARNing!