Water Loss Reduction Book Available Now – Remediate Water Losses and Improve System Sustainability

A Chinese proverb once said, “We will not know the worth of water, ‘til the well is dry.” Around the world, water distribution systems lose an average of 26 percent of treated water, which translates to almost $14 billion in lost revenues. With water loss becoming increasingly problematic, Bentley Institute Press has released its newest title, Water Loss Reduction.

Written by a prestigious group of water loss experts, Water Loss Reduction covers in detail everything from the basics of water loss to important advances in leakage modeling and detection technology, and how utilities can deploy them to limit water loss. It is a must read for water utility managers, a wide range of engineers, including water resources, hydraulic, and environmental, as well as teachers and students of the water engineering disciplines.

Even before its release, Water Loss Reduction was critically acclaimed.  Stuart Hamilton, Managing Director at JD7 Ltd in the United Kingdom notes, “Water Loss Reduction is a really informative book. It will help water utilities to understand water losses, build a sustainable, deliverable and viable program to reduce their losses.” You can find it at www.bentley.com/WaterLossBook.

Reducing water loss is not just about increasing revenue – it is about conserving water and energy, limiting carbon footprints, and supplying clean water to the global population. Said Dr. Zheng Yi Wu, technical editor and co-author of Water Loss Reduction, “Without question, Water Loss Reduction is a must guide for utilities committed to detecting, managing, and limiting water loss.”