Why In-Person Socializing Is So Important

I could sit here and rattle off reasons why you should attend one of our Bentley LEARNing Conferences, but don’t worry, I’ll give you only one. And it’s an extremely important one. One that is easily overlooked when we get too busy in our day-to-day work tasks.


It’s one of the most important aspects of learning both inside and outside of the office. And I’ll tell you why…

Socializing makes our hearts beat. From the time we are born we naturally gravitate towards others, not just for a sense of comfort and community, but empowerment and development.

Bentley recognizes that socializing is one of the most important things you can do to learn and has been innovating the way we interact at conferences.

When you attend a Bentley LEARNing Conference, you not only get to interact with the instructors and your peers during classes, but you also get to attend our unique “Social Dinner.” You won’t experience anything else like it in the industry!

After a full day of sessions, you’ll get to relax and grab some dinner with your peers. Each table will be labeled with a topic of interest (Visualization, sisNET, Speedikon, ProjectWise Administration, etc.).  You’ll have the opportunity to choose your topic, and sit at a table with people who share the same interest facilitated by a Bentley trainer or colleague.

This type of relaxed out-of-office experience is one of the most valuable discussions you could have at a conference. It bridges the gap between classroom learning and networking, and creates a social learning experience that builds on the immense value of in-person social interaction that you get at conferences.

If you want to read more on the importance of in-person socialization, here’s a really great article by Kevin Purdy:
“Why In-Person Socializing Is A Mandatory To-Do Item”

To attend one of the upcoming LEARNing Conferences, visit our event page.

Hope to socialize with you there!