Bentley Learn Server - SLOW

Does anyone else experience crazy wait times for the Learn Server to load just a list of tutorials? It's quite brutal to try to move through training when 75% of the time is spent waiting for a list to load. This is not an exaggeration. Total tutorial times are shown can be done in a few hours  but will take all day because of watching the list of videos page to load.   With technology today, and what I have seen from other software training sites, there has to be another way to make this more user friendly.  

Just beginning with launching the video in another tab vs the same tab and losing the list of videos that you just spent 5 minutes to watch load.

Trust me, I already tried opening a second browser to start the list loading while watching a video. The lists of videos never load while the other browser already running. 

I saw another user post "how does Bentley expect people to use this?"  I agree. The efficiency is so low that it is truly seen as a waste of time, my group does not want to use it and we cant spend that much time away from projects.  I would go so far as calling it a risk by this incredible wait time and risking the video not even cover what you need. 

Is Bentley having any conversations about the issues with Bentley Learn Server taking forever to load just the list of videos?  I'm sure it would be used more if it wasn't an unnecessary time hog.