I can't get into Virtual Classroom

I register last week in a live virtual classroom as "Jacketed Pipe Design in AutoPIPE CONNECT Edition". I received "Course Registration Confirmation" that said:

You will receive a separate email providing instructions for preparing for this class including instructions for obtaining your course guide (if applicable) and the participant link to join the class. To view additional details for the class, please log in to the Bentley LEARNserver http://learn.bentley.com/, and choose this course in the “My Active Training” area. To convert the time of the class to your local time zone, please visit http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html.

The class start and end! but i didn't receive the Email. Also I could not join the classroom via the "join" button from the my active training in Learn server. It says "No ClassroomLink available."

I register for another live classroom in future week and i am Worried that i cant join class again.

Thanks for your help.