Bentley LEARNserver on demand videos not working and the links are taking far too long to load/respond

Currently the on demand videos in the Bentley Institute LEARNserver website are not loading up:

Error loading media: File could not be played

Please can you look into this to get it working asap?

Also for as long as I can remember it takes far too long to navigate between the links in the LEARNserver website. Clicking to go to 'My learning paths' takes a long time, then clicking on 'find training' to select the specific modules takes a long time, then when it finally appears clicking on the module itself to access the videos takes a long time, and then when finishing the videos clicking the back button to go back to My learning paths site takes a long time, and then again to find training etc etc.

It is a terribly designed website and wastes a lot of our time. We spent more time waiting for things to happen rather than watching the videos and downloading the practice workbooks! It has been like this for years and it needs to be changed. Please can you look into this? Thanks.