Why does the learn server regenerate the web pages every time you visit them extremely slowly?

When I click on the QuickStart for MicroStation CONNECT Edition for Existing Users learning path, the spinning wheel of death just spins.  If the page actually comes up I can select a video, which takes me to a new page. Then when I go back to watch the next video, the never-ending spinning wheel of death starts all over again.  I've tried different browsers, and get the same thing.  It seams like the web page has to regenerate from scratch every time you visit it and never reloads from a cache. If it is going to be that bad, why doesn't the launch open a new tab for the video, so that you don't have to go through that hell every time you want to see the list in the training path?  Note: I visit this page, joined this group, and wrote this question all while that page refused to regenerate itself (and I rewrote the question several times, so it was more than 10 minutes of waiting).