Recommended Learning Content For Working Remotely

We are fully committed to supporting our users and future professionals through virtual learning opportunities. With offices and universities closing physical premises, we offer options to upskill, anywhere and anytime.

Our users can learn Bentley applications even if they do not have access to their office computer. Here are some recommended learning materials for you to choose from:


  1. Learn The Many Ways To Learn
  2. How To Create A Deployment Image For Any Power Platform Desktop Application (OpenRoads Designer Example)
  3. CONNECT Licensing (MicroStation Example)
  4. Requesting Technical Support (MicroStation Example)
  5. Tips to Maximize Screen Real Estate (MicroStation Example)
  6. Virtual Machines and Remote Desktop (MicroStation Example)


  1. OpenRoads Designer: How-To Deploy a Dynamic ProjectWise Managed WorkSpace
  2. Managed Configuration Basics for OpenBuildings Designer  
  3. MicroStation and ProjectWise 365 collaboration



  1. Before You Begin: Configure the Dataset
  2. Quick Starts for Existing Users
  3. Train the Trainer MASTER CLASS
  4. Sheeting
  5. Printing and Publishing
  6. How to Share Your Feedback


  1. Introduction to OpenRoads Designer
  2. OpenRoads Designer - Fundamentals Learning Path
  3. Accelerate Going Digital with OpenRoads Virtual Series


  1. QuickStart for Piping Designers Using OpenPlant Modeler
  2. QuickStart for OpenPlant Isometrics Manager
  3. QuickStart for OpenPlant Orthographics Manager


  1. ProjectWise Administrator CONNECT Edition
  2. ProjectWise Administrator A-Z
  3. ProjectWise Explorer Basics
  4. ProjectWise Deliverable Management

 OpenBuildings Designer

  1. Installation
  2. Basic Refresher
  3. QuickStart for Architects
  4. QuickStart for Structural Designers
  5. QuickStart for Mechanical Designers
  6. QuickStart for Electrical Designers

I will continue to update this post with more links. If you have any suggestions of learning content that you would like to see, please let us know by commenting below. Thanks.