Combine training from two user accounts?

i have a Bentley account that i have used for over a decade, and then I have a Bentley (Learn?) account with my current employer. It would appear that some of my Learn history is attached to "my" account while other Learn training is attributed to my employment account. It also appears that my personal Learn profile might still be linked to my old employer?

Is there any way someone could help me sort this out?

Is there any way to track my training across different employer accounts? I mean, in some ways, it doesn't matter who I was working for when I took the training - I am the one who acquired the knowledge, and it stays with me even if I go to a different organization. Except that individuals can't really afford Learn contracts, so training generally has to happen through an employer's account.

Is there any way for Learn to ask a user to double-check what profile they are signed in with? I appreciate the Bentley approach that "if I'm signed in anywhere I am signed in everywhere" but I suspect that's part of how my Learn history has gotten tangled up.

I would love to only have one Bentley account, but for certain things (such as Learn subscriptions, SelectSupport and Connection Client) I need to use an employment-dependent account. That means that, whenever I leave that employer, that portion of my history could just disappear.

Thank you.