Ask the Experts: Where are They?

What happened to Ask the Experts posted a link to Ask the Experts: Generating Advanced Reports in MicroStation CONNECT Edition but that link leads nowhere.

I've searched and Bentley Learn but can find nothing (as is often the case, a search of the Bentley website is tediously useless).  Are there no experts at Bentley, or have their articles been moved to the bit-bin of purgatory?

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  • Hi Sheila,

    thanks a lot for your explanation and shared links :-)

    the Bentley Event calendar has been retired.

    It's a big shame that fast functional solution was removed and replaced by so amateurs, slow and overall dysfunctional solution (it's not even calendar) :-(

    My experience is that the most of my customer stopped to check the calendar for planned events (because they just do not understand, how it works and the reaction is so slow), and also have huge problems accessing recorded sessions (no way to find anything quickly).

    Have you an idea how simple and fast is to find both scheduled and recorded sessions e.g. for Autodesk or ESRI software?

    searching for ‘SIG’ in CONNECT Advisor will also present various options.

    The problem with Advisor is that it's badly designed, slowing down MicroStation, piece of software with many bugs (when some from them were even marked as WAD), probably designed by somebody who never was in engineering practice. No benefits visible for users, not communicated/promoted, plus crucial functionality missing.

    So even when it could by potentially used to search web(s), the first thing that users often do, is to uninstall Advisor or at least change its configuration to be not loaded.

    With regards,


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