Ask the Experts: Where are They?

What happened to Ask the Experts posted a link to Ask the Experts: Generating Advanced Reports in MicroStation CONNECT Edition but that link leads nowhere.

I've searched and Bentley Learn but can find nothing (as is often the case, a search of the Bentley website is tediously useless).  Are there no experts at Bentley, or have their articles been moved to the bit-bin of purgatory?

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  • Thanks for your comprehensive response.

    This course is not the Generating Advanced Reports

    So where is Generating Advanced Reports?

    I apologize that the link previously supplied no longer works

    I asked the question on behalf of others who had posted in the MicroStation Forum and received replies with that no longer worked. 

    You're not responsible for web site design so this is not a personal criticism:  I endorse Jan's comments about the poor quality of the search tools and other material on the Bentley web site.  Web sites should be simple to use, intuitive, speedy and useful.  Bentley's web site is none of those.  Pass the message on!

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions