learn dataset download (Introduction_To_3D_114314)


for a new user, i have added the "Example Training Dataset"  to the company workspace

like in the MicroStation CONNECT Edition Dataset Configuration Instructions mentioned, I have set up the workspace

I've downloaded en installed the "MSBasics"  and the "Example Training Dataset" for 2D training, - everything works fine

I've found the "Introduction_To_3D_114314" files but there is no *.cfg and *.dgnws" files in the zip

opening a file for 3D training asks for:

Where can I find the "Introduction To 3D" workset-files to make the training using  the right dataset

  • Hi Rik, Assuming you have a WorkSpace called BentleyCONNECTTraining ? (This is the default location for all Bentley Training and is the container for the Training WorkSets)

    The easiest solution is to create a new WorkSet named exactly as shown in your image i.e. Introduction To 3D then extract the dgn files into the dgn folder of the newly created WorkSet. This Dataset also has a cell library, so drop the .cel file into the newly created Cell folder possibly in the Standards folder of the WorkSet.

    When you create a new WorkSet a cfg and dgnws will automatically be generated with the same name as the WorkSet.

    Note: Newer versions of this course were renamed to Getting Started with 3D in MicroStation CONNECT Edition and the cell library path should be BentleyCONNECTTraining\WorkSets\Getting Started with 3D in MicroStation CONNECT Ed\Standards\Cell


    The reason you are getting this message is because the files have previously been opened & branded with a WorkSet that you do not have. If you create it, drop the relevant files into the default locations and open the dgns they will open without any problems.

    If you do not have the WorkSpace BentleyCONNECTTraining then create the WorkSet where you have your other Training files and generate the WorkSet there, once the dgns have been copied into the new WorkSet & opened they will be re branded with the new WorkSpace and WorkSet.

    I hope this helps & makes sense.