"Google" LearnServer - how do find what I'm looking for?

I watched the following video on ditches and culverts and he refers to another set of videos (2:03) and a workbook (2:47) but I can't seem to find them on LearnServer. Anyone have any tricks to "Google" LearnServer? lol




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  • easier really soon. 

    It is more than high time to replace it altogether. The issues were there from the beginning.

    And ever since the promise was. I guess I spent more with digging around than with learning. Until I gave up years ago. Obviously nothing has changed.

    Without a definite date of publication I must assume that it will be on the "the 12th of Never"

    Need help for the selected function? Click into the "Toolsettings" dialog and press F1    For Screenshots try Win+Shift+S on your Keyboard - I am using  "ScreenRecorder" for Videos                          Brauchst Du Hilfe zur gewählen Funktion? Klicke in das "Funktionseinstellungsfenster" und drücke F1 

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