Is there a Search function?

Is there any way to search the Learn content for a topic?

As an example, I am creating some templates for OpenRoads, and I don't recall how milling/overlay components work.

Currently, I can click on "Find Training", enter my software and add the keyword "Template" and I get NO results. I need to go back to the main page, put in my software, then I get a list of all the training available. Now I have to guess which Track might cover what I am looking for. I have to click to open each one of them to see what the topics covered are. Is it in Basics? No. Is it in Fundamentals?? Maybe. Is it in Advanced? That looks promising. Wait, could there be something in the Special Interest Group? Once I find a track that has courses that might apply, I have to click through those courses to see what the individual lectures are. That's a LOT of clicking and back and forth and nonsense. It makes it impossible to find anything in an efficient manner.

I'd like to be able to search for "Templates" and be able to get a list of the various presentations that cover template creation to help me narrow down where I might find the information that I want. I'd love the search to be more specific than that, but even a listing of the "Template" lectures from the various tracks and courses would get me to my goal much more quickly.

The Learn server isn't a bad setup if you want to start with a specific track and work to the end. It's absolutely miserable if you want to refresh your memory on a specific topic.

A  real Search function would go a long way toward usability.
When I search here, I see posts requesting a Search function going back for years and years. This is 2022. I understand the algorithms could be challenging, but it can't be impossible.
Yes, I know I can do some great tricks with Google to find things, but it would be a whole lot more convenient and intuitive for the Learn site to allow a Search.