• AutoCAD 2016 background masked for text and I-plot organizer connect Edition

    when I try to print AutoCAD 2016 drawings with background masked for text it is ignored on I-plot organizer connect Edition. is there a setting to print AutoCAD sheets? thanks AJE
  • dms_delete

    Hello Anyone has a detail explanation of when PW will add prefix like dms_delete dms_missref etc... Trying to reproduce the scenario that lead to this
  • Export-PWDocuments and Document sets

    Hello, it there a way in Powershell to export a PJW folder containing document sets with files inside document sets ? Best regards L Lagrevol
  • Problem With Importing Multiple Sheets Into Sheet Set Manager via ProjectWise Connect Integration

    Hi everyone! I'm running into an issue with importing multiple layouts into sheet sets that are located on ProjectWise. I'm not sure what changed, but in the past, I was able import several layouts at a time into a sheet set that was saved onto ProjectWise…
  • Using ProjectWise to manage large Civil 3D projects

    Does ProjectWise explorer work well for managing large projects that require AutoCAD and Civil 3D as a design platform? The company I work for has tried to use ProjectWise on Civil 3D projects and the feedback from users and administrators has been that…