• Adding staircase in building.

    hello everyone,

    i m currently working on a g+5 building,i want to add staircase in building. But i don't know how to do it. any suggestions are welcome Thank you

  • Bentley Community App

    Hello Everyone,

    I am a regular user of the Bentley community and I really believe it's a right platform for all learners. Thanks to the entire Bentley team for giving their precious time to us in order to solve our engineering problems.

    The training…

  • Bentley Student competition Participation 2016 rules clarification

    Can a participant participate in more than one event?
    For example a participant wants to participate in both :
    1. Innovation in Structural Engineering Design (Advanced Category).
    2. Innovation in Structural Engineering Design (General Category)


    Sir I am very much pleased with what Bentley has provided us with in making such an amazing software's which makes our engineering calculation as easy as possible, Thanks to all the team members for that.

    I was trying to model and design a box culvert…

  • Confusion regarding plate element and generating mesh

    I am really confused about adding plate elements or generating mesh while providing slab elements in case of RCC building.

    Please suggest me what should I consider in case of adding slab elements in RCC building with an appropriate reason of providing…


    Is there any option for detailing of bars while RCC design of building in Staad pro as that of ETABS?

  • Global Moments in Plates

    Applies To
    Product(s): STAAD.Pro
    Version(s): ALL
    Environment: ALL
    Area: Postprocessing
    Original Author: Kris Sathia, Bentley Technical Support Group

    Can you please explain…


    Hello Everyone,

    I noticed that in STAAD Pro when I use to analyze and design a building model all the floor beams at different levels are considered, considering the fact that all the floor beams are at different elevations from the ground level but practically…

  • How to attend live training sessions?

    Sir I have registered for the course STAAD pro Advanced Analysis Engine,having registration order ID 199272. I was also been confirmed for the course via email but sir I could not find the join link for the class so that I can attend the class on time…

  • How to convert individual surface element in a plate element


    I need to convert some of the surface elements I used in my model to plate elements. Is there a way to do this?



  • how to design curved members?

    please give me guide line of designing of curved elements or plates in Staad Pro...

  • I found some bugs in Staad pro

    Its being really amazing to have a software like Staad pro and RAM connection and thanks a lot to Bentley for coming up with such great ideas to provide engineers a great support in their work.

    I am an engineering student while doing the project in Staad…

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  • RE: master/slave command error

    How to eliminate the above warning as I want both in my model?
  • Repeat Load

    Hello Everyone,

    I want someone to explain:

    what is Repeat Load?

    Where it is to be used?

    What should be kept in mind while assigning a Repeat Load case in STAAD.Pro?

  • Special Moment frame Stair case

    Good Day,

    I am currently modelling a staircase supported by a moment frame and I have come across a strange occurrence. When I checked my column forces the axial forces seemed alright but the moments were strange as the moments generated along the top…

  • Staad Base reactions are differing


    I am facing a problem with reference to the Staad pro v9i SS6. Please help in solving the same if its a known bug or a workaround is available.

    I have imported the load data for seismic in all 6 directions (+/-X,+/-Y, +/-Z ) This is a Z up model and…

  • Student competition 2016

    Can I built my model as per the rules mentioned in the competition using the Building Planner mode in STAAD pro?