• Can't Find Your Project?

    ProjectWise Projects are a great way to organize Project data. Project Properties Provide a great way to have high level Properties or, meta data associated with the Project. However, searching for documents by these properties is not so intuitive for…

  • Create Excel Template - Not Available


    I am running ProjectWise Explorer Version on Windows 10

    I need to set up an automated export from multiple ProjectWise folders to a local folder outside of ProjectWise.

    I do not have the function to Create Excel Template, either through…

  • Database Maintenance for ProjectWise

    We get asked a lot what kind of database maintenance or things to keep in mind that a user should do on their ProjectWise system's database.  These should be basic tasks that a database administrator would take care of, but sometimes that is not the…

  • Error 41 when deleting folder

      Product(s): ProjectWise Explorer Client
      Environment:  Windows 7 64 bit
      Area:  Installation
      Original Author: Arturas Baranauskas, Bentley Technical Support Group

    When deleting a folder you might get an Error…

  • Import-PWDocuments error codes and shortened path


    I recently use Import-PWDocuments to import huge folders (275000 files, about 700 Gb)

    It worked quite well but i had 3 different issues,

    • The script send me different warning of some files (12 files)  who were not imported , do you have these 3…
  • Last Error [50000] error loading Map definition file. Fetching Map Definition file from server failed

      Product(s): ProjectWise Explorer Client
      Area:  Security and Permissions
      Original Author: Dana Guthrie, Bentley Technical Support Group


    Last Error [50000] error loading Map definition file. Fetching…

  • Moving your ProjectWise Database

    We get a lot of questions on how users can move their ProjectWise Database from one server to another.  This is actually a very easy task by following the steps below:

    1. Make sure all of your users are out of ProjectWise then shut down the ProjectWise Integration…
  • open more than one office document / file


    Over the past two weeks users have reported problems in opening more than one document.

    • Opened using Project Wise Explorer
    • One user was Excel 2010
    • The other was Word 2010

    Both users encountered a similar problem.

    The first file opens correctly…

  • ProjectWise CONNECT Edition i-Desktop integration module leaves Excel background process running and locks specified XLS file. Spreadsheet did not come from ProjectWise.

    Here's our report.

    Steps to Reproduce

    1. Install ProjectWise Explorer Connect Edition ( with i-Desktop module for Microsoft Office. 
    2. Modify attached code (below) to load some existing XLS file.
    3. Execute the code.

    Observed (Incorrect…
  • ProjectWise Interface

    Whay can not an Pw interface be assigned to a folder like a view. A view is defined by atributes that are set in an Interface. They go together.

  • ProjectWise Performance Report

    Hello everyone,

    For those of you at the conference, this was the dashboard I showed in my presentation and for those not at the conference, this is a dashboard on performance monitoring inside of ProjectWise using PowerShell.  Please find the attached…

  • ProjectWise Workflows

    This could be WAD for workflows or I could have something messed up with our workflows but here it goes.

     I have a workflow set with three states.  I assigned the workflow to a folder that did not contain documents.  A user created a document in the…

  • PW - Is there a way to update a Rich Folder property on multiple folders with Export/Import or some other bulk means?

    I am looking to set a property on quite a few rich folders. Is there a method to do bulk update for rich folder properties?

  • Slow performance when navigating in folders hang

      Product(s): ProjectWise Explorer Client
      Area:  Folders / Subfolders
      Original Author: Bill Kenney, Bentley Technical Support Group


    Slow performance (cursor hangs) when navigating in folders
    in PW Explorer…

  • Synchronize Active Directory Groups and Subgroups (Nested Groups)

    Here's something I ran though the other day on Active Directory Groups. Let's say you have the following groups in Active Directory:

    1. PW Users = {Team A, Team B, Team C}
    2. Team A = {User 1, User 2, User 3}
    3. Team B = {User 4, User 5, User 6}
  • Triggering Powershell scripts via workflow and PW Explorer menus

    Hi all,

    We have a couple of frequently-needed Projectwise (PW) tasks that we think we can automate using Powershell (PS).  However, we want these tasks to be triggered when a document is pushed through workflow to a particular state, and also to be available…

  • Trouble-Shooting Office Integration

    Office Integration issues are a challenge to resolve. This post is written as a progression to help you step through the workflow to resolve these issues. Test each step before moving to the next one.

    This post is written using Word as the example and…

  • Troubleshooting ProjectWise User Synchronization Issues TN

      Product(s): ProjectWise User Synchronization Service
      Version(s): All
      Environment: N/A
      Area: N/A
      Subarea: N/A


    The ProjectWise User Synchronization Service (USS) is used to synchronize ProjectWise user and group accounts…

  • Unable to synch recreated user from Active Directory, Projectwise account is disabled

      Product(s): ProjectWise Integration Server
      Area:  User Synchronization Service
      Subarea:  MISC
      Original Author: Dana Guthrie, Bentley Technical Support Group

    Problem Description

    Unable to synch recreated…